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    MSI GX60 with AMD Radeon HD7970 - Windows 10, second screen no longer working


      Hi there guys,


      So I have a MSI GX60 Laptop with Radeon HD 7970M running and windows 10. Previously I have been running my TV screen (Sony 40") with no issues through the HDMI slot. then it seems like along came "AMD Radeonn Settings" and it no longer detects my TV display. I have tried removing drivers, re installing. Removing software, reinstalling. I can't seem to get anything to make it work. I try to open the settings, and get the following warning:
      "No AMD graphics drivers installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware"
      So, I try to give that a nudge. But then it says all my drivers are up to date, AMD auto detect says the same.
      When I fully got rid of the drivers, and software, when installing I got the message something along the lines of "Your graphics card is not compatible with these latest drivers. Click yes to continue which may cause issues, or cancel. Is this where I went wrong?


      Any help would be amazing. Really need to get this screen back up and running, and keep it up and running.


      Thanks in advance.

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          I have the same system (MSI GX60 with A10-class APU with 7660G integrated graphics and 7970M discreet GPU) originally running w8, but upgraded to w10.


          Recently windows update "broke" my driver and my discrete GPU was disabled with error 43 and more info said it needed further installation.


          After a TON of frustration I learned that Windows Update had broken the driver and that I needed to roll back to an older version.
          There may be different ways to do it, but after much tribulation I ended up succeeding after:
          1. Completely wiping all drivers from the system with dduninstaller from guru3d.com. Requires booting into safemode, which can be done with msconfig.
          2. Using tool downloaded from microsoft to prevent computer from updating the display driver again (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3073930?utm_source=twitter )
          3. Installing an older driver. (I used the latest legacy WHQL driver, which is quite old, but it works for me. A newer version might work, but I went for the whql-driver). BTW: You need the driver for the APU, NOT the Discrete part. I messed up a lot in this regard.


          I didn't have the exact same problem as you (as I only use one screen) but considering the timing and that we have probably exactly the same hardware I assume the solution is the same.

          Hope this works for you.

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            Hi All


            I have a Msi GX60 1AC


            I can confirm the latest working drivers with the Switchable graphics working is Radeon Version Software 16.2.1


            I  downloaded and tried every combination. Even installing the graphics drivers for the On board and Dedicated separately.

            After may tries and errors I ave bench-marked this driver as the best and most recent working driver for our configuration.

            As always to get the 7970m working you need to set all settings in ATI software to top performance.


            I was able to finish Nioh, Battelfield 1 and even try Call o Duty WW2. lol knew it needed more CPU and VRAM.

            I regularly play Battlefield 4 online with this driver.


            My Laptop:

            Msi GX60-1AC


            AMD Radeon HD 7660G + AMD Radeon HD 7970M

            Windows 8.1 (also working on Win 7)


            Hope this helps.