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    Flixter and probably other video playback based applications are experiancing huge lags and even BSOD



      I came here since I guess it is the place where I'm supposed to go to give feedback about Radeon software, so here is the bug I am experiancing:
      (I just remind that there was a very similar bug with Netflix that was fixed by RADEON software)

      The Flixter application is getting extremely laggy as soon as you launch a downloaded video, my system even made a BSOD (driver related crash) while I was trying to read a video.


      PS: There are also random blackscreens and huge tryingles poping in Rainbow Six: Siege


      my system:

      - Sapphire r9 fury tri-x

      - RYZEN 5 1600 (oc 3.8 GHz)

      - 16GB of 3200MHz ram set at 2933

      - Windows 10 64 bit

      - 650W 80+Gold power supply

      I'm currently running the 17.12.2 version of RADEON software


      Thank you for your time, and sorry if I'm in the wrong website/section