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        Do you think they even take the time to test them out in a system? My guess is that they have special testing equipment of some sort. I doubt if the take the time to apply TIM and cooler, and see if it works.


        You could read that result asthey think the chip is good to go, but the email does say replacement. Also, it says test slash inspection, so perhaps it was more of an inspection that the chip is an 1800x and it was an early version.

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          It depends on the role ModusLink plays in the system, if they are the RMA outsouced facility, since all the RMA addresses seem to point to ModusLink, or if they just provide offices for AMD employees to work with their workstations. I also imagine they are using the same workstations they used to check the engineering samples of the chips, as they are most likely designed to test chips thoroughly and provide a very specific result so that AMD can fix any widespread issues which crop up in the next revision, and are most likely cooled with liquid coolers and using thermal tape instead of TIM because it is inexpensive, quick to apply, comes away cleanly, is dirt cheap, and, as TomsHardware has shown us, surprisingly close to ArcticSilver 5 in terms of thermal performance under liquid, more than sufficient for diagnostic testing.


          We shall see what happens, but I do have to add that using this Ryzen R3 1300X with my Corsair H115i under full stress for days encoding videos, power consumption of the system is under 120w (monitor off, which should cut power to my Fury Nano as well), and runs extremely cool, granted this cooler is rated for something like 3x the TDP of the 1300x, it's still silent.


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            Hmm... Wasn't cross shipped, yet AMD says it was...


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              So they did indeed send me a brand new processor, with a new product ID (YD180XBCM88AE) and serial number, which is interesting because the part number on the box is the same as the previous, YD180XBCAEWOF, so it's an OEM processor in a retail box. Too bloody tired to put it in tonight, don't want to have to deal with Microsoft BS if they decide to say my key is a MSDN key and to please pay another $206. Probably the least painful RMA experience I've had.

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                Welp, dropped it in, everything's fine, even Windows 10 didn't pitch a fit this time. Even clocks better, 4ghz @ 1.375v, though I got to thinking, since 4ghz is the turbo frequency, is this even technically overclocking?

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                  Guess it's a matter of opinion. I don't think it's an overclock. To me everything under 4ghz would be an underclock for that cpu. But achieving it with a lower than stock voltage is a bonus clock.

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