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    AMD causing problem with my laptop


      Cheers everyone,


      I decided to sign up to this forum after 2 months trying to figure out why is my laptop stuttering after updating latest AMD drivers. My laptop specs are:

      HP Pavilion 15-n051sm notebook

      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

      4GB RAM

      AMD A4-5000 APU with AMD Radeon HD 8330 @ 1366x768


      After installing 17.7.2 software, my computer acts strange. It does not work normally as it used to before. The main problem is that my cursor is stuttering (it stops working every 2 seconds and then again it starts, and then stops and so on).I was also thinking,if it has something to do with Synaptic Drivers, so I uninstalled them - no change. My PC has all Windows Updates installed, I check them and install them regularly.  I am not a gamer, all I use this laptop is to connect it with my TV via HDMI cable to watch movies or videos on line. My TV was unable to detect my laptop via hdmi which is why I decided to update software in the first place, as many people suggested.


      Also, AMD Radeon settings are not opening up. I did try uninstalling everything with AMD Cleanup Utility and tried installing everything back again (Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1) and the same problem persists. Sometimes laptop screen turns off and on back again (with that Win sound on when new device is added).


      I would like to downgrade to some older software edition, but then I am unable to use buttons to increase/decrease brightness, neither I can do it in Windows.


      I am not sure if this is a problem with the graphic card driver, or Crismon or ReLive - I am not so familiar with these apps. All I can see is that my computer is not working fine and I would like to ask if there is some option that needs to be turned on or off, anything. Because this driver, I am fine with it - tv recognizes my laptop, I can maximize or minimize brightness with keyboard buttons and in Windows, resolution and colors are great - just these few bugs just drive me crazy.


      If there is any more information you might need, let me know. Thanks in advance to anyone trying to help me.

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            Hi kingfish


            thank you for trying to help me out with the issue. I have done this many times and it does not work. I tried it once again today, from the links posted, installed the latest drivers, but the problem still persist. There is a mouse lag again, desktop turns on and off, everything is lagging.

            Any other idea?

            Maybe this is some sort of a bug for this series?


            Thanks in advance.

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                Many laptops simply cannot use the standard AMD or nVidia drivers available for "mobile" on the 'net.  AMD has a lot of info about that in place and available.  A common problem is people assuming that laptops are just like desktops in that regard--but they aren't.  Most laptops actually require custom drivers from their respective OEMs--like from HP, in your case.  Most laptops are built to custom specs and *require* custom drivers which can only come from the laptop OEM.  Try reverting to the latest drivers furnished by HP for you laptop--if the problems vanish then that will be why, most likely. 

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              I had the same bug since W10 1709 but it possible to have this with the 1703. With same pc HP15 ... I try longs days and hundred things !

              The solution is to uninstall the new driver Radeon Amd ( let the old driver 15.200.1065.0 - july 2015 ) ! And the mouse become soft and without lag


              Best regard


              ps : sorry for my English ... french.

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                  Precision: go into the device manager, open properties of the Radeon, then ask to put the old driver. That's all. Very effective.


                  Unless you come back to a new driver can be. That's why I give the driver that works on my HP Pavilion.


                  This bug is known, many suffer. Post this info if it works for you and others?




                  My problems now


                  By cons, alas, in the same series I have the bug of USB 3.0 AMD that no longer work, and tried dozens of different drivers, old or new. It comes back sometimes, then disappears after use and returns to "uHXI compatible microsoft controller" and yellow panel immediately, and the attached hub disappears outright!


                  If anyone has a very technical solution of registry manipulation? because everything else tested. Thank you

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                  You didn't need usb 3 driver for windows 10, microsoft driver much better than amd driver, do not install chipset drivers.
                  About VGA driver - did you try processxp to figure out what happens? I think it's amd driver library (suggest atikmdag.sys) eating cpu resources sooo huge what even cursor lag. This bug with APU drivers soon will be not fixed since 14.x versions almost 4 years now, please try 15.7/15.7.1 it eating from 1-5% and spikes constantly, but it's "best" choise, not so long ago my coworker asked to help with similar laptop and similar problem AMD driver eating CPU from 35% and spikes to 90% everytime... I tried almost all versions what available, tried on windows 7 and windows 10, must said best result on windows 7 1-5% usage of cpu, he did not even noticed. This is AMD, it's ok.

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                      Yes i know that for Drv 3.0 in W10, but the generic cause same pb here. And the package AMD solve sometimes. The generic is not solution, if its come in generic the usb failed. So it must have the amd drv. But keep them is hard



                      In fact since the v.1709 its bug ang bug ! Lot of forums speak about that. The controler USB3 failed.


                      With désintal its become then failed after one or two peripheriques plug and deplug. So, i have tried all possible (one thing work a litle to block management electric). Now i wait MS ... i hope new 1709 correction yesterday but nothing.



                      For the bug graphic and the mouse, yes i said the drv 15.2 is good. Yes i look the process , and we can see some interruptions searching (the same, repeat all time), the memory grow up, the system is occuped. Yes same observations, 40% and pic to 100% who break mouse.


                      Old driver is the only solution for this Amd, iam ok with you ! i dont know if the others systems .... ???

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                      You need to install the chipset drivers for your laptop. They contain the USB drivers. These are removed sometimes when uninstalling the graphics driver..especially if you use the AMD driver removal tool. The manufacturers' support site will have them ( which is your first choice) or try the generic AMD drivers >


                      AMD Chipset, AHCI, USB 3.0 and RAID Drivers


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                        Looks like HP had a bios update a few months back Apr 2017, and furnish your notebook with the 15.2 UMA set....


                        That means your bus is 15.2 and probably wont upgrade past it.


                        What you can do, is check your bios to make sure it is the latest Bios update from HewlettPackard . Check your PCI bus and make sure it does say AMD

                        ( and ) 

                        Make sure your Pci Bus from AMD (matchs) the same driver version your trying to install. If it does not, correct that pci bus to match.


                        Hope this helps. Chances are you will look, it will either say 15.2/15.3xxx .... If it does correct it. Latest known bus is 17.1, a 16.4  might work but wouldnt lay money on it.

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                            17.40 ...same bug, usb3 : controler uHXI Extensible failed ('code 10)

                            Its work one time at first install, give "Amd Controler uHXI Extensible" then a HUb 3.0 AMD, and error after plug a mouse (or dd idem), then its the controler transfor as "compatible Controler uHXI etc " and failed code 10.

                            Hum no ! ... i remeber, before the first error was the AMD controler failed Code 43. And the usb Hub 3.0 dispear idem bug as the Compatible.


                            For all other drivers its ok with package17.40.



                            Bios is ok,i have HP Support Assistant, who has last drv and bios etc.

                            When i say Driver 15.2 its only for my Radeon, i can get and use newer drv graphic but mouse lag ... (same bug initial question)

                            For PCi bus; its generic compatible, and HP (or Amd) dont give other one.


                            The pc is HP PAVILION 15" E8P50EA#ABF


                            Thank you at all, i stop and my friend will use the only good USB1.0 and take external Hub

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                            Had you read ? the BUGS MOUSE who lag, etc, are now all ok on my PC HP (same yours).


                            You try that ? You resolt by other thing, if its i am interessing to know.


                            However, for a complement for the solution, the newer Graphic Driver is so the bug, is the problem for the mouse and/or tablet.

                            And I said Driver 15.2 (2015) is good, but the driver propose by HP is also good ( 2016) and whql too

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                              I am sorry I could not reply since I was at the vacations. The solution for me was to install AMD driver from the laptop manufacturer site, as waltc recommended. So silly, how come I did not come to that conclusion. I did not even visit my laptops website, I wanted to have the latest one from AMD website. However, thanks anyone who participated in this topic, trying to help me!

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                                  Ok Nathan


                                  Very happy for you. Very good.

                                  And your solution is also correct because the Oem driver is specially studied. But nevertheless, sometimes it will be interesting to have new drivers, because the PC become a little older, ... will not always be followed by HP, or other.

                                  For you, you are with a recent laptop. In the future, you may not find the right or necessary driver upgrades. In this case, like many of us, you may be forced to find generic and satisfying drivers. But in absolute terms you are right, always favor the drivers of the brand, especially for graphics drivers.

                                  Good continuation