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X399 - RaidXpert2: Error:"Array x not allowed by current license level"??

Question asked by dbrbt on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by misterj


On a x399 system, running Win7, configured my first RAID array -- RAID 1, using two 4TB disks.


Successfully set up the array using UEFI.

(note: UEFI is in Raid mode, and win7 has the RAID drivers installed, there is only this one RAID array, plus a boot disk - non raid )


In windows 7, the array is recognized at first, but RaidXpert2 reports: "Array 2 is not allowed by current license level", and then the array does not appear in the windows device list.


Has anyone seen this? What does "array not allowed by current license level" mean? I thought that AMD does not have licensing restrictions on RAID array configuration. How do I overcome is restriction?