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Radeon relive still causing high gpu usage and clocks though not listed as an issue.

Question asked by jombo23 on Nov 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by goodplay

So let me start off by saying, what the actual (use imagination here) AMD?


Radeon relive still causes the gpu usage bug that it has been causing for > 3 months now, and now it seems like you pulled it from the driver "known issues" section.


It was NEVER marked as fixed, it is NOT fixed.


Not only has it NOT been fixed, its WORSE, the issue occurs on the desktop now instead of just games.

I have run DDU, I have run a clean install, I have run the express removal utility, no dice.


This is a MAJOR issue.


A previous thread was locked so that the issue could be "focused on", yet it seems you guys have swept it under the rug.

My original thread still stands unanswered


Im honestly not very impressed right now. I have stood by AMD/ATI for years, my first card being an ATI Rage 128, and i even laughed at my friend when he bought a 1080TI over a liquid cooled vega. This is likely a very simple issue that affects a very large part of your user base.


(previous cards have been as follows)

ATI Rage 128 -> Radeon 9550 -> Radeon hd 3850 -> gtx 550ti -> 2x gtx 550ti -> Radeon hd 6970 -> Radeon hd 7970 -> 2x Radeon hd 7970 -> 3x Radeon hd 7970 -> RX Vega64


I obviously heavily, heavily favor AMD, or did favor AMD at least.


Everyone that I know either uses Relive or Shadowplay, and youre gonna let nvidia get the jump on you guys. No wonder nvidia holds a larger market share.


At first I thought this would be resolved in a timely manner, as after posting the issue, it was added to the "known issues" section very quick, AMD even including the "workaround" i posted, which was toggling relive, seen


Here  Vega RX 64 does not idle after gaming - 100% activity

and here 17.8.2 Relive Causing Faked High GPU Usage on RX Vega 64


I was initially very happy, thinking, way to be on the ball AMD. Now? I can see youre just trying to hide the issue as theres  no "real side effects" other than higher power draw and increased strain on the card.


Not cool AMD, not cool.


Please, PLEASE, tell me that the removal of this from known issues was an accident. Im seriously losing faith.



Im running Driver version 17.11.2, this has happened on EVERY driver version since release on my RX Vega 64, running DDU and the amd express software removal every time.


Come on AMD, PLEASE please PLEASE fix this simple annoying issue.


It also generates extra heat in games and slows the card down because of it.




If something is wrong with my setup and I am the only one experiencing this issue and it isnt you guys sweeping it under the rug, Ill eat a 8.5x11 paper with the nvidia logo this post printed on it as an apology. Literally eating my own words..





Extra proof shets going weird.


Radeon™ Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.10.3 Release Notes



  • When recording with Radeon ReLive on Radeon RX Vega Series graphics products GPU usage and clocks may remain in high states. A workaround is to disable and then re-enable Radeon ReLive.




Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.11.1 Release Notes



no such info under known issues, also not under fixed issues.



Sorry for being so prickish, but I'm pretty pissed at AMD that I went out of my way to support them and I'm having it turned back in my face.


Fix your f%@#%@ s#%!and get back on top AMD : D