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    RMA Global Policy


      I'm from Brazil and my Ryzen 1700 was segfaulting on Linux. I started the RMA procedure with AMD Brazil and it was accepted. I was told to send my whole package (processor and cooler) to be replaced. I received a message informing that the processor passed the V/M inspection and to wait another message informing the return code. Everything seemed fine until yesterday.



      Yesterday, after two weeks of silence, AMD Brazil sent me an email saying that they don't have another Ryzen 1700 to replace my processor and offered a refund that is half the price I paid for it. In fact, with the 'refund' I can't even buy another 1700 without adding more money.



      Is it right AMD? Why you don't verify the inventory before start the RMA procedure? Lack of organization or lack of professional standards? I am about two weeks without my main machine and some of my work pending. I'm about to loose money and possibly buy another defective processor. Thank you AMD.



      So I'm asking here: What is AMD global policy for RMA?

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          What exactly they said? My understanding is they will return you old faulty CPU and give 50% of its price as fulfillment. Otherwise it would be very non professional or simply nonsense as you could sell it online for more than 50% of original price.

          I know for some people in EU same case happened - but in this case they were offered better chips as replacement e.g. giving 1700X instead of 1700 or 1700 instead od 1600.

          You can contact AMD Brazil and ask for same or contact AMD global tech support.

          It looks in last days/weeks supply of "good" replacement CPUs depleted.

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              Hi  _blackbishop_,


              After almost two weeks of radio silence they only said that unfortunately they don't have any Ryzen 1700 to replace my faulty processor and offered a refund. They never mentioned sending back my original chip. I made 'some noise' around. Right now I'm waiting an official response from AMD and will post here the results.


              Thanks for your interest and solidarity.

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              Yesterday AMD Brazil sent me an e-mail offering full refund. They told me about some confusion evaluating the invoice  price I sent them with the package. I told them that my desire was to replace the processor if possible and agreed to wait until the first week of December to receive a new chip.


              AMD, please don't let it happens to other customers. Keep the same standard for all. As someone who have _lots_ of your products and a big fan of you, this whole mess was really stressing and unnecessary.


              I'll keep this thread updated.

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                After the initial trouble, I had all the support from AMD Brazil to proceed with the RMA. The new processor (week 39) was tested for days under Linux and never segfaulted. After testing it with BIOS at default I tried a few combinations of voltage and speed. Zero fault after hours running the kill-ryzen script and compiling other packages at the same time.


                Thank you AMD.