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    RX Vega 64 LC getting 15 fps in World of Warcraft.


      System Specs are :


      intel 4790k

      8 Gbytes of 2800mhz DDR3

      MSI Z97 Gaming 3


      and a newly purchased, anxiously anticipated, MSI RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled (Top-o-da-line)


      I play a few games but by far the one I play the most is World of Warcraft.


      I've never spent more than $260 on a graphics card before.


      I wanted to finally get a "nice" graphics card to see what I'd been missing.

      I feel what I've actually done is just purchased an expensive graphics card.


      With this card just being in Suramar has me at 30 fps. If I zone in to Court of Stars I get a whopping 15fps.


      I do feel the card is MUCH more capable than those numbers would lead me to believe, but here I am asking for help

      as to how to go about making my brand new card behave like a brand new card.


      I feel duped.

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            My CPU doesn't throttle nor do I have frame rate issues due to broken addons. I do have the same feeling that that poster did about the GPU throttling but it seems the conclusion in their case had to do with a ryzen driver issues along with complications with some addons. If the issue was only happening in large open world area's I could chalk it up to being a lot to render, but standing in court of stars and especially in front of the bridge before Patrol Captain Gerdo it was stuttering and dipping below 15fps and that's not a sensation I had witnessed with the gtx 760 that this card replaced.

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            Yes, if you are talking about 1080p or 1440p, you should be getting much better performance.


            You didn't specify OS, or your previous GPU brand. Generally speaking, when installing a new GPU, you want to remove the old drivers and install the latest for your new GPU. Best method to remove previous drivers is to use the DDU utility in safe mode. Wipe all amd, nvidia, and intel GPU drivers. Make sure you uncheck remove Physx. No need to remove that.


            Once you clear all old gpu drivers, then install the latest drivers, which appears to be 17.11.1 for win 10 64 bit.

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                I play in windowed mode at 1440p ish. I did use to have a gtx 760. As filled with rage about the underwhelming performance in WoW as I am it is substantially better in all the other games that I have played thus far. I uninstalled the previous Nvidia drivers including physx which may have been a bad thing but I don't see how that would have me getting such poopy frame rates in WoW. Speaking of having uninstalled the physx drivers... where would I go about getting some Physx drivers for my AMD card?


                The card is obviously throttling down it's performance in WoW and I don't get it. I have an AX760i and I regard it as being a high quality PSU and I'm not running a NAS off of the same PSU or anything so I don't see the power supply being the issue.


                And yes Windows 10