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    R9 290 HDMI Monitor Loses Signal - 17.10.3


      Hello there!


      So 2 months ago my old radeon stopped working. Replaced it with a new one, also radeon, and after 1 month my monitor losses the HDMI signal randomly. The only way to provoke it is when I get killed in CS: GO or try to aim with a long range weapon. The rest of the time just happens randomly.


      I tried to replace the monitor but the same thing happened. My drivers are up to date so that part is also covered. A friend of mine told me it could be the power supply unit so I need to buy one I guess.


      Also noticed that when hovering over certain controls in a Chrome Youtube tab, the colors will invert for a milisecond, hope that helps.


      Is there any way to diagnose what is my problem so I don't have to throw more money down the drain? Also, I would love to keep this computer and not have to buy a new one...


      Note: Forcing multiple alt+tab combinations yesterday ended up in a windows 10 error screen that something somethign went below zero count in the graphics card.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Sorry for not giving more details. Here are some of them:


          My System:

          • AMD Graphics Card: Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon R9 200 / HD 7900 Series
          • System Conf: Desktop
          • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
          • Driver version installed: Radeon Software Crimson Edition 17.10.3
          • Display Devices: Samsung SyncMaster SA350 1920x1080 @60Hz HDMI
          • Motherboard + Bios Revision: Asus P8H61/USB3 BIOS v.0605
          • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHz
          • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage: Tacens Radix V-750 230 Vac 5 A 50hz
          • RAM: 8GB, 2x Kigston 4GB DDR3 1333MHz

          Describe your issue:

          • The issue is that the monitor loses the HDMI signal for some time then comes back. Tried 3 different monitors already.
          • Affects everything when using the computer. Navigating or playing games
          • Happens with any ingame configuration and also when not running any games
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              Describe your issue:

              • Randomly the screen would go black and the television would lose signal - then things would flash and the desktop/game/etc. would return. Games like Fallout 3/4 would return after the glitch, but ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) would stay on a black screen. About half the time the sound would continue and I could hear normal gameplay underneath and the other half of the time it would bomb entirely to a crash report. I could go back to the desktop and close the program or cntl-alt-del and close through task manager. This would also occur during normal web browsing or while adjusting video settings but nowhere near as often. Could not go more than a few minutes into any game. Also briefly had distorted scratchy sound from HDMI output after the AMD high def audio device driver installed.   

              Describe your system:

              • AMD Graphics Card - MSI Radeon RX580
              • Desktop
              • Operating System - Windows 10 64bit
              • Driver version installed - 18.3.4
              • Display Devices - Vizio 1080 to HDMI adapter
              • Motherboard + Bios Revision - Asus Prime X370-Pro + BIOS 3803
              • CPU/APU - AMD Ryzen 7 1700
              • Power Supply Unit - Thermaltake 500W and another unknown 500W
              • RAM - 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4


              Things Tried (short answer below):

              • Tried multiple drivers for the graphics card. The same machine worked fine with an old GTX 550ti and a GTX 650ti. For this reason I thought it was a Win10 / RX580 driver issue. Updated the BIOS. Did 2 or 3 clean installs of Windows after playing around with drivers. Some drivers 'seemed' to affect things more than others (I could get deeper into a game before the error appeared.)
              • Tested many graphics card drivers 18.3.4, 18.2.2, 18.2.1,17.12.1, 16.5.3 (I was getting desperate.)
              • Tried turning video card to 'optimize performance' in graphics settings, turned up the power in wattman, flattened the stage curve to remove voltage variables. Turned down the RAM frequency as well as the GPU.
              • Installed MSI Afterburner to adjust heat and fan settings. The card was not getting very hot, usually staying around 50-60c.
              • Ran memtest86 on new memory - 8 default passes and 3 multicore passes. About 20 hours of RAM testing.
              • Most people have been able to find some kind of solution but none of them worked in my case and I scoured the web for a week.


              • Finally a breakthrough - I haven't seen this anywhere else which is why I'm throwing this out there. I took the new graphics card and put it in my original machine with the same Win10 installation that was migrated to the inop machine. I did not expect it to work - and it worked perfectly. This machine has an ASUS H81M-K mobo with a G4560 I believe.
              • Now that I knew the graphics card was working with the same drivers (18.3.4) I could focus elsewhere. REALLY thought it was either an AMD or Win10 driver incompatibility.
              • (SHORT ANSWER) - I put a single memory stick into the recommended slot (DIMM A2) and it acted the same. Took a video of me swinging the mouse side to side and machine would lose signal, the screen would go black, you could even see desktop windows underneath, then the game would recover. Figured as much.. But replaced the RAM with the second stick - and the machine was stable! It ran fine with the GTX550 and GTX650, but this ONE stick of RAM and the Radeon RX580 do not get along. It's not even intermittent. Absolutely repeatable. So the pair are going back, with a note of the problem stick and chances are the next two should be fine. Thought that this was weird and would have tried it much earlier if I had seen this elsewhere. To test more thoroughly I have used the working RAM for the last few hours, played some ESO and Fallout. Running great on ultra settings. Right now the card is 37 degrees c. Too quick to blame AMD drivers.
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                  Did you, by any chance, check the Motherboard's Support site and see if the RAM you have installed is compatible for your CPU/Motherboard?


                  Anyways, Glad to hear it was a RAM memory problem. First time I see RAM actually affecting a GPU Card.


                  When you ran MEMTEST86 were there any "ERRORS" at all. If none, than it is incompatibility issue like you found out.

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                      Yeah thank you! I know what happens when people 'assume'     but just checked (got lucky) and the memory is on the qualified list. It's pretty name-brand.

                      And no, the memtest did not show a single error or hiccup. Tried different settings after the 8-pass default-setting run and almost questioned the RAM again as being ok, until I put it back in. INSTANT problems. Going to be down for a week, but glad the issue is resolved at this point. Thanks again!