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    Crossfire with Vega64 and Vega56?


      Is it possible to run Crossfire in a Vega64 + Vega56 configuration?


      Would it be ill advised to do so?


      Right now I have just one Vega64 and playing Dota 2. Will get a 4K 144Hz monitor so I can use some more muscle in the system for higher FPS.

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          Should be possible, they're in the same family, one just has disabled shaders. However I would not advise any multiple GPU setup, especially when you're talking about spending over $1000 for just a single game, not even counting the cost of the monitor, especially in the age where multi GPU performance is solely in the hands of the developer with Vulkan (which DOTA 2 is). Plus going by this (slightly dated) chart, and knowing Vega 64 is a touch more than 50% faster than the R9 Fury, you shouldn't have any problem getting around 120 FPS at UHD, and that's where Freesync comes in.


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            No, this is not supported. If you want to MGPU you'll need to use the same GPU, ie 2x Vega 56 or 2x Vega 64.