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[17.8.2] Display Port Not Working After Drive Upgrade

Question asked by usbthekey on Sep 2, 2017

Hello AMD Community,


System Specs:

CPU - Ryzen 1600

GPU - RX 470 Armor (Msi)

1 Single Monitor

Window 7


I upgraded to 17.8.2 from 17.7.x. Rebooted from install, was fine. Shut down the computer then power it on. DVI port not displaying anything to monitor. Black screen. I can't even see the boot section.


Monitor is working fine. I tried it on other computers. So, it should be something with the new driver update. Without the monitor, I don't know if window booted correctly.


I don't know if anyone else is having the same problem. I read @I have the same problem with 17.8.2 as I did with 17.8.1. That being after I boot to desk top my screens go black. Win 10 64bit on a intel 4770k processor with 32 gigs ram and a XFX R9 290 Black Edition card  That person has similar problem to mine but he can at least see the boot up.


Thank you for attention, I hope this can be solved