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    Ryzen 1700+RX480 heavy stutter in every game


      I build my new Ryzen R7 1700 system this week and run into this problem:

      In every game that I have tested the graphics are stutting regular in most cenarios. It is like pulsing FPS. The pictures describe it best. In one game (MWO) I tested different video settings, and it seems that the higher shader settings intensify the stutter.

      It feels like the stutter only occur when many objects are rendered, combined with the high use of shaders and shadows. When i reduce the settings in MWO to the absolute minimum, there is almost zero stutter. This occurs in all games.



      • mobo:Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K3
      • RAM: F4-3200C14D-16GTZ
      • Ryzen 1700@stock clock
      • MSI RX480 Gaming X

        It took me days to troubleshoot this damn bug, and I still couldn't find a solution. I couldn't test another GPU on the Ryzen build but the rx480 works fine on another PC.

      EDIT: Maybe the GPU is defective after all, and the higher performance of the R7 1700 CPU just shows this defect more then before?


      Any idea or solution would be much appreciated!

      What I have tried so far:

      • multiple windows installations (newest Win10 pro x64 iso, Creators Update)

        • no drivers or tools installed at all! except the GPU drivers. still same bug.
        • Windows 10 Pro x64 Anniversary Update with GPU drivers only
      • disable SMT
      • disable HPET in BIOS
      • BIOS version is: F4, newest
      • RAM: XMP1@3200c14 and the default 2166mzh settings, both work fine without memory errors or crashes
      • GPU drivers: 17.5.2, 17.8.2, 16.9.1, always with DDU
      • chipset drivers: 17.30 - 25.08.2017
      • PSU is fine
      • open case, the temperatures are relative low
      • delete shader cache in games
      • deactivate driver cache optimization
      • deactivate driver tesselation optimization
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          Do you have HWMonitor running in the background? That app causes stuttering. Switch to HWInfo

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              no, the bug occurs on a fresh installed Windows10Pro with only the GPU driver installed. When I run Witcher3 it stutters like on my main installation with every 3rd party tool installed. So this is not a software problem. Rather a hardware or driver related bug. I wonder what is the case here.


              I played with BGS=on/off but still no change, same with GDM=on/off.

              Next thing is trying Win7 Ultimate...

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              I have the same problem. Recently, it was shown that there is a hardware bug in the Ryzen 7 series which causes systems to several errors being the worst data corruption. You can read more about it here. [Phoronix] Segmentation Faults On Zen CPUs Under Heavy Workloads - Page 13


              In the case of BF1 is way worse than you show. There I get huge FPS drops (from 100 to 8)  which recover at different intervals (from 1-10 seconds) not by jumping to last frame (frame skipping)  but like" buffering" and loading all the frames in a fraction of a second (e.g. imagine a 20 frames sequence where the dots will indicate the time between one frame and the next: 1...2...3...4...5...6...7(FPS drop event)........8.............9....................1 0............................11121314151617...18.. .19...20...). Looks like "fast forwarding" the scene). It's been driving me crazy and so far this doesn't seem to happen to everyone. My FPS drop from 100 to 8 sometimes together with the audio output (not all the time) from a fraction of a second to up to 10 seconds or so.


              In other games I see the same so far including Wildlands, Rising Storm 2 and even dark souls 3.....


              Stress testing the CPU with any benchmark including realbench, OCCT and others will immediately freeze the PC for various periods somewhere from 30 seconds to 3 mins to where mouse, keyboard, etc won't work to resume later like nothing happened. This happens even after loading optimized BIOS settings (F5) and everything at stock. Not only I got tired of reinstalling windows but I have changed the motherboard (got a crosshair replacement), GPU (MSI GTX1080 gaming X and Asus ROG Strix 1080ti) and even the PSU (got a new Corsair AX1200i platinum a week ago). This leaves no other at fault but the processor, a Ryzen 7 1700.


              To be completely honest I came from an Intel 3770K build and jumped into AMD ryzen because it looked good and it is always to stimulate competition in this sector of the market. However, one of my favorite hobbies being gaming is, at the moment at least, simply ruined with the Ryzen 7 1700 so far.

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                Has there ever been an update to this?