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    Vega Radeon Pack - Are any monitor rebates coming to the European version?


      Hey guys,

      currently as you might have seen on the website linked below, Vega Packs cost $100 more than the card alone, have 2 games in them, a rebate for a 1700X or 1800X with one of three X370 motherboards, and if you are in USA, Mexico, Singapore, Canada or Australia you get a $200 rebate on a Samsung 34" Ultrawide Freesync monitor. In the Rest of the World though the $200 rebate is completely missing. This is pretty concerning to me, as this won't ever be a good deal in Europe, South America or somewhere else if no monitor rebate will be included, especially if you are someone like me, who already decided to go for a Ryzen build and has his R5 1600 + X370 or B350 motherboard already since a month or more.


      So, directed to AMD marketing, who are you targeting with this rebate, if not AMD enthusiasts - of which many will have built their Ryzen system already a few months ago?


      And: Why is the monitor rebate so limited in the aforementioned countries and non-existent in Europe?


      Link to Radeon Pack info: https://gaming.radeon.com/en-us/rxvega/#custom-tab-0-ef306d1d86fc86b8a0ce756e6f58aafc