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    Graphical Issue with... something?


      i have an:

      Ryzen 7 1700

      Rx480 8GB

      MSI B350 Tomahawk Motherboard

      16 GB Vengeance Ram

      AOC G2460PF Monitor

      and i have some sort of graphical issue with 98% of my games. it effects trees, grass and terrain, and edges, so some sort of edge detect, or Anti Aliasing, or something, i do not know. i have the latest drivers of of today (8/9/2017) ive tried a different monitor, i even exchanged my graphics card momentarily to see if it was the issue but it is not. i uploaded a video of war thunder to highlight the issue, ive done a lot of searching and i just cannot find the issue.....

      Screwy AA - YouTube 

      This issue makes it almost impossible to see targets at farther range. please help me

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          I have the same GPU (RX 480) using 17.7.2 drivers, so I decided to try this game out real quick as it looks like a fun time-killer and since I wanted to see if it was something specific to this game. I generally do not have any issues on the games I normally play (Ubisoft/EA games).


          Decided to record my settings so here it is: Warthunder Settings - YouTube In Radeon Settings the only change I've made is the "Power Limit" (maxed out), "Enhanced Sync" and "Chill" turned on. Crossfire is on, but it performs the same with it turned off in Warthunder. Check the video for other settings.



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              i just copied your settings (minus the crossfire) and i still have the issue. the trees and grass have this, black grain to it every time i move the camera, making it impossible to see far away targets, other games like Planetside 2, have this as well, Overwatch as well but not as bad. i just have no idea what could be causing it. could my motherboard have an issue? i have tried different monitors, gpus, and cables.

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                  This is most likely not going to be an issue with your monitors/cables, but comparing your settings you have in the video with mine may be the cause. You'll have to try to find a middle ground that works best for both performance and eye-candy.

                  Here are your settings:




                  and here are mine:




                  I generally tend to switch most AA options off in-game and let Radeon Settings take over for the most part - unless there are specific requirements for the game. In this case with War Thunder I'm able to run at a smooth 110+fps with the settings above and it looks pretty damn good for an RX 480.