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Radeon Settings R9 360 Changed to R7 360

Question asked by spidersky1489 on Jul 30, 2017
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My Radeon R9 360 OEM was displayed as an R7 360 in Radeon settings after I downloaded ReLive version 17.7.2. This Problem has occurred before the ReLive drivers even existed. If I go into Device Manager on Windows and manually update the drivers, it displays it as an R9 360, but I am not able to access the Radeon settings. What really baffled me most was that I got better performance in quite demanding games such as Forza Horizon 3 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare whenever i was using the R9 360 drivers. The performance was drastically better than when using the ReLive R7 360 drivers.


My computer is an Acer Predator G3-710 Desktop, with;


An AMD Radeon R9 360

Windows 10 64-bit

Windows stock R9 drivers/ ReLive 17.7.2

AOC G2460PF 1920x1080 @144Hz (I am not sure if my computer is running at 144Hz or 60Hz)

Acer G3-710 Motherboard

Intel Core i5 6400 @ 2.70Ghz

Liteon R1550 500w PSU



I am not sure if those details will help but if anyone does have an answer, please write an answer.




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