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HD Radeon 7550/7650M blue pixels

Question asked by bugger on Jul 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by bugger

Hi there. A few days ago I got my first blue pixels and BSOD as soon as I opened CS: GO after a new update. It also happens that thunderbolts were occurring outside and my lights in the room started to flicker, seconds before the problem.


At first I was able to fix it all and play CS GO again smoothly, after a lot of uninstalling and installing. The problem now reappeared after opening CS: GO again and now I have permanent blue pixels. Even in safe mode with disabled gpu the pixels are still present. Here is a picture: m73jn5.jpg

Also the Catalyst Control Center cannot be opened.


My laptop model is SVE1511x1EB and I have it for 5 years. I tried system restore, uninstalling and reinstalling both old (original) and new drivers this with no success. Is my card dying? Thanks in advance.


Edit: I also get the error 116 when the card fails.