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    AMD HD Audio HDMI not showing in Playback Devices after update


      Hello everyone!


      First time posting here, hope someone can help. I've searched through the web, and it seems lot's of people have the same issue, but nothing helps for me.


      After updating Windows 10 and updating my AMD drivers to Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.4 my Viewsonic monitor isn't recognized as a playback device and is gone from the device manager.

      It used to be there as "AMD High Definition Audio Device", and I was using it to play audio through an HDMI cable.


      I have encountered this issue before, and solved it by reverting back to the previous driver version, but now this doesn't solve it.

      The only thing that works now is if the driver is uninstalled, this is why I think it is not a Windows issue. For example, when I reinstall the driver, right after it says "restart to take effect" the audio works and my monitor shows up in the playback devices. As soon as I restart my computer it's gone again:


      With drivers before reinstalling:

      After reinstalling (before PC reboot):

      Then when i restart my PC it goes back to the 1st image.


      It even disappears from the device manager, when the Viewsonic monitor should be there:



      Things I tried:

      -clicking "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices" in playback devices (nothing shows up except "Headphone - High Definition Audio Device - Not plugged in")

      -reinstalling the driver

      -reverting back to older version

      -updating to newer version

      -clean uninstall then install again

      -uninstalling Realtek drivers

      -uninstalling Razer Synapse drivers

      -changing the HMDI ports on my monitor

      -unplugging and plugging in the HDMI cable

      -updating the drivers through Windows with device manager

      -manually updating AMD High Definition Adio Drivers (unsuccessfull)



      GPU - AMD HD 7970

      CPU - Intel i7 3770

      RAM - 24GB

      AMD Driver - 17.4.4

      Windows version - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (version 1703, OS Build 15063.296)

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          We are currently investigating this issue.


          In the meantime, please revert to the last driver that worked for you.

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            I'm having the same problem with my R9 200 on Windows 64, and unfortunately I can't seem to do anything about it right now. I had this same problem back in April and was able to go back to older drivers to get my sound back, but that's not working this time. I installed the latest "Optional" drivers (17.7.1),thinking that maybe whatever the problem was had been fixed, but the same thing happened: no hdmi audio/playback devices. To make a very long story short (spent around 8 hours on this today), going back to my old update didn't work this time, and none of the several other installs I've tried have worked either. There's no hdmi devices showing anywhere, hidden or otherwise. Worse, I can't go back beyond a few months because I then get an error that the software can't detect my graphics card - although I did manage to install 15.11 from 2015 - but still no hdmi audio with that either. Right now I'm using the 17.4.3 update - which I think is as far as I could go back (my brain is too scrambled at this point to keep track of all I've tried) - and I have audio only through my headphones. And for the record, between all this various install/uninstalls I used the AMD uninstall software followed by DDU in safe mode - then used CCleaner on top of that to clear out a few things DDU wasn't getting. I even uninstalled my current card, uninstalled all the drivers, and then installed an older AMD card and the drivers for that - still no hdmi playback. Not sure what else to do now besides reinstall the OS. Total mess.

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                Okay, decided to give it one more try and got lucky. Crimson ReLive Edition 17.2.1 was the one that did the trick - hdmi devices returned after installing this one, for whatever reason. So, since I doubt there will be any real performance enhancements for this old card, no more driver upgrades for me. At least not till I replace the card in a couple months.

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