Help with fixing OverDrive initializing hanging on Windows 10

Discussion created by amduser69 on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by ray_m

So I recently found out that I can use AMD OverDrive to boost my processors clock speed(I can really use it since I really need the extra power). So I installed AMD OverDrive and started the application. But now the small tab pops up on my screen that says"AMD OverDrive is being initialized, please wait...". So I wait some time but nothing changes, it just hangs there being annoying. It's been somewhere around Half an hour or more since I started up the software and nothing has changed. I can't even use the Task Manager to close it...


Update: I looked around the AMD Forums and other Forums and saw some people say to try an earlier version, So I got version 4.2.6 of AOD. But now AOD can't detect my CPU! I found a post that said to run the cmd as an admin and run the line "sfc /scannow", but the cmd didn't find any integrity violations!