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Bildschirmanordnung nicht korrekt

Question asked by hh1_hf01 on Jul 9, 2017

Hello everybody.


I hope you can help me with the following problem.

I am running a PC HP-Elitedesk 800 G2 together with an AMD Radeon R9-M360. On the graphics card, two DELL UH2410s are connected via DisplayPort.

On the computer is installed Windows 7, whereby also only the driver of the AMD card is installed, that is, no AMD Catalyst or the like. The screen layout I have made over Windows, so that the left screen, which at the same time as main screen is set, serves as a primary screen (under Windows displayed as No. 1). On the right screen (according to Windows the number 2) I have specified that the display is extended to it.

For example, if I start CISCO WebEx and want to share the screen, I see screen number 2, actually the number 1, or screen number 2 is actually the number 1. It is practically exactly the same as Windows displays it.

If I install the Radeon software, it also tells me that screen 1 = number 2 and screen 2 = number 1. The arrangement over it I would like gladly about Windows making and if possible the software from AMD not install.

Can someone tell me how I got it, that the screen numbering is correct.

Thanks in advance.