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    HELP CPU usage ranging from 0 to 100%


      I have a xfx R7 360 2gb video card, recently I've been monitoring it on msi afterburner and realized that using it quite a lot

      My setup:

      dual-core e5800

      4gb ram

      xfx r7 360 2gb

      pcyes 400w


      Game at 1366x768 resolution and a dvi to vga adapter, since my monitor has no hdmi / dvi input The drivers are updated in the latest version 17.6.2

      I know it has bottleneck because of the processor, but that gpu stays at least 40% right?

      The prints below it on msi afterburner and gpu z, I tested on the L4D2, Euro truck simulator 2 and CS: GO

      It won several times from 0 to 100%, constantly.

      sorry, my english is bad

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