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    AMD Radeon setting only read 512 mb vram



      I have lenovo ideapad 310-15ABR with spec :
      AMD APU A12 9700p 2.5 GHz

      RAM DDR4 8GB
      AMD Radeon R7 + R8 M435DX



      Seller said it has 4 gb total VRAM ( 2 gb each )
      In dxdiag, it has 4gb too

      But, when i open AMD Radeon setting, it has only 512 mb on intergrated graphic ( AMD Radeon R7 )

      Not only in AMD Radeon setting, i check it on GPU-Z and the amount is same 512 MB only


      Can i get some solution ?
      This is my first AMD laptop






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          it also says your runnung your GpU at 15734mhz ,, uuuh  thats way wrong...  cna you grab another Gpu software. to verify.. maybe hwinfo ot aida64 or the one on the furmark bench site i think guru3d.com i think.


          also click start and type cmd and get a command prompt up run as admin.  and type sfc /scannow    or its sfc/ scannow  lol ... just like i typed it see if it repairs or reports any thing. and post back.. also go in device manager and see if there is any yellow flags.


          is this a new pc or used ????

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            I have the same problem with my new Acer laptop any solutions yet?


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              from what i can see, gpu-z needs thrown in the trash. dont even look at it. the shaders are correct on it about all. if you look at shared memory things appear ok and dxdiag appear ok. the other software seems to give mixed information which is probably there programming error.


              as for crimson its reading the apu  512mb the dxdiag is reading good aswell. everything appears to be ok. 3rd party software does get confused on some things with apu's.


              as for valca92  you have no issues either.


              from what i can see here everythings looks ok. unless there is a serious performance issue. i think were ok here..

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                  Hello rebelyell


                  Ok thanks for the answer, but is it possible to chanchge my dedicated video memory to higher number becaus 512mb is really low, or its just not possible?

                  I tried change it through BIOS can't there.

                  Becasu like playing GTA5 i can only max till 512 mb dedicated video memory.


                  Thanks for answer in addvance.


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                      Hi Valca92,


                      have you managed to resolve this awful problem?

                      I have the same notebook configuration and i am getting very very poor performance on every game (using the dedicated gpu of course).

                      I tried everything but nothing helps, i am thinking to sell this new laptop to go back to a nvidia notebook (I never had problems with those!).