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Bloatware app when installing AMD drivers

Question asked by orhanp on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by goodplay

After another GPU driver update I registered here to complain!

Why am I FORCED to install AMD Gaming Evolved application which I don't like and don't want to use? In addition, it installs an unwanted service and I have to clean my PC from this junk every time after updating my GPU drivers...
During the driver installation wizard I choose custom Install, deselect the checkbox for this Gaming Evolved app (- I now consider to be a bloatware) but then I am not allowed to press "Next" - funny, you can deselect the app but you can't continue the installation if you do. Please realize this once and for all, it is MY CHOICE if I WANT to install something on MY PC or NOT - forcing people to install something using these dirty old tricks will have negative effects. This is really unprofessional and reminds of 90's-00's era of forced install shady bloatware which forced me to regularly format my OS. Didn't expect this from AMD (ATI didn't do this) and, I know I'm just one man, but I will literally stop buying AMD GPUs and switch to nVidia for life if I have to do uninstall AMD Gaming Evolved app and the stupid service one more time.


Thank you for your time.