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R9 295X2 Eyefinity Reboot Cycle

Question asked by wyrinn on Jun 10, 2017

So i had chocked this up to my old system. But i just finished building my Ryzen 5 system. So i can now eliminate everything but the video card (fresh version of windows, drivers only, no av software enabled.) And its hard to explain so a video is worth a thousand words.


When i enable Eyefinity the card flips out. it will enter a endless reboot cycle until i pull one of the three monitors. But if i plug that monitor back in after it starts again. The only way to fix it after (and get it back to normal multi monitor) is to clean wipe the driver and reinstall


The video card is a R9 295X2, and in case anyone is wondering its pared with a AMD recommended power supply (1600 watts with the cables in correct rail configuration)


I bout the video card a long time ago with the intention to run a tri monitor system like this, and i have successfully in the past, but this issue keeps cropping its head over and over again and i have no idea


Any help would be appreciated please. Its driving me mental


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