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RX 460 Device Code Error 43 On Crimson 17.4.4

Question asked by lastwh1sper on Jun 10, 2017
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So since I bought this graphics card Sapphire AMD Radeon RX460 2GB DDR5 from ebay I had a problem, the graphics card gives me this error Code 43 Error: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems, whenever I try to update to the latest driver of the video card like 17.4.4 or 17.6.6 or any other new driver update. The only way the video card works is if I install the older driver version 16.9.1 which I think makes the video card not work at its fullest. So I tried lots of things, I tried to reinstall the windows, I tried to change the windows version, I have updated the chipset driver, I have updated BIOS,and I have clean un-installed the graphics card driver and installed back and the problem keeps coming unless I install the 6.40 version. So do you guys have any other solution for this?

See attachments for sys specs.


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