OpenCL with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs

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Hi, I just started to learn OpenCL and want to ask a question about it.




I'm trying to solve nonlinear differential equations.

At first, I started with OpenACC with NVIDIA GeForce GPU. It was faster than using Intel i7 CPU with OpenMP, but not fast enough to get results quickly.

After trying to find a way to reduce calculation time, I bought AMD FirePro W9100 32GB with research fund, but it does not support OpenACC.

(I need to use double variables, and AMD FirePro W9100 seems to have excellent fp64 capability with relatively lower price than NVIDIA Tesla models)

So, I started to learn OpenCL and made it work.

Then, I thought about running OpenCL code with AMD FirePro W9100 and NVIDIA GeForce.

In other words, running two separate OpenCL codes(namely code A and B) at the same time, where code A uses AMD and code B uses NVIDIA.

However, there is saying that AMD and NVIDIA GPU drivers might crash, so I'm using only AMD GPU for now.(Using code A with AMD and code B with Intel i7 CPU)

Is it true that one cannot install AMD FirePro and NVIDIA GeForce at the same system? If not, may I ask you how to do that?

Here are specs of my computer:

OS : Windows 10 64bit(I may install Ubuntu 16.04 if Windows does not support installing AMD FirePro and NVIDIA GeForce at the same system)

CPU : Intel i7-6700 3.40GHz

Motherboard : ASUS B150M-PLUS(If it is possible to install AMD FirePro and NVIDIA GeForce at the same system, I will buy a new motherboard with size ATX or larger in order to install AMD and NVIDIA GPUs at the same motherboard)

Memory : 4 * Samsung DDR4 8GB PC4-17000

Power Supply : FSP AURUM PRO AU-1000 (ATX/1000W)

Case : BRAVOTEC Stealth FX470(W210mm * H504mm * D512mm) which can support E-ATX size motherboard

Number of coolers : 8(4 Micronics Freezer 4-LED 120mm fans). 3 front, 3 upper, 1 below, 1 back. There is no water cooling loop.




Thank you for your help in advance.