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    s7150 mxGPU DirectX problem


      I'm setting up an s7150 mxGPU in a Dell PowerEdge R730 for an RDS project. Host O/S is Server 2012 R2.

      All is setup ok, and I'm currently using the AMD 2017 Q1 drivers, which all installed ok. I can create a remote desktop session to the server, which connects fine. When I run dxdiag though from the RDS session, I can see that the s7150 is being used, but on the Display tab I'm not seeing what I'd expect.


      There are no Feature Levels listed, and no Driver Model, but more concerningly, both DirectDraw Acceleration and AGP Texture Acceleration are both unavailable. I've validated this from a Windows RDS session and from an HP Thin Client. All clients should be using RemoteFX for GPU offload.


      Anyone have any idea why this is?



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          At the moment there are no server driver for your FirePro S7150 and that's why some features may not work for you.  At the moment the OS that are supported are Windows 10-64bit and 7-64bit, Linux and ESXi 6.5 and 6.0

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              So, a passthrough GPU designed for multi-user access via VDI or RDS, ie server roles, doesn't have a server driver for Microsoft's server O/S? That just sounds plain wrong. Dell do have a driver, but it's very old (dating from beginning of 2016), but that didn't make any other difference either when trying that.


              I then thought, well, let's try Server 2016. I upgraded the box from 2012 R2, then installed the 'Enterprise' Win10 x64 driver (certified for mxGPU). All this went ok. On running dxdiag again, I can now see the correct Feature Levels and Driver Model (WDDM 2.1, DX12 etc),but DirectDraw Acceleration and AGP texture compression are *still* not available. <sigh>


              No idea. Very, very odd.