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rx 570 extremely slow gaming black screen and system freezes

Question asked by ahmed.beshr on May 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by ray_m

Hello guys

I've got a series problem

I'v just bought asus rx 570 4 gb rog strix oc, i installed it in my PC (Dell optiplex 990)

CPU I5 2500


windows 10 64
then i installed the latest driver 17.5.1-May4

when i've tried GTA V it runs very very slow,

when trying assassins creed syndicate it runs exremelly slow

i also tried very very old games like call of duty 4 it was also very very slow

i had rx 480 installed in the same pc before the 570 and all of the above games worked very well

i also tried to use claymore zcash miner, it works for 5 to 15 min then i got a black screen and system freezes completely

what can i Do to solve this problem