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    Please give a list of supported RAM AMD Ryzen 7 1800X AM4



      AMD Ryzen 7 1800X AM4
      ASUS PRIME X370-PRO, AM4, AMD X370

      DDR4 2x16Gb 3000MHz Corsair CMU32GX4M2C3000C15 RTL PC4-24000 CL15 DIMM 288-pin 1.35В


      In this assembly, the RAM runs at a clean 2133MHz for 3000MHz space!

      When forcibly switching to a higher frequency is no longer loaded, it is necessary to reset the BIOS.

      I want to exchange memory for the one that works at high frequency, please give me a list of memory that will work at high frequencies in KIT 16GBx4 = 64GB or 16x2 = 32gb



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          Hey lisker,


          This is the official ASUS PRIME X370-PRO memory QVL list. While reviewing the QVL list focus your attention on memory manufactured ("Chip brand") by Samsung. Within this list there are countless Samsung memory modules, but not all are denoted as Samsung, so some research will be needed. One you select a few modules you're interested in based on your needed specification (speed, latency etc.), then research which of those modules are specifically Samsung based B-die modules as users have had the most success with them in terms of obtaining the highest out of box and overclocked speeds, lowest latency etc.


          Now that I've provided the answer to your question, I have a some info that may serve you well if returning them may take some time or adds to the cost already spent. If so, wait for now pending you still have more time to return the modules you currently have and aren't at risk of being stuck with them. Await AMD's AGESA micro code update and Asus's upcoming bios revision as these updates are specifically targeting memory compatibility across multiple DIMM manufacturers and models. Once these updates are released, it's possible that you'll be able to obtain the performance you're trying to achieve. This update should be released within the next two weeks (give or take), but definitely by the end of the month of May according to both AMD and Asus.


          So, although this AGESA update isn't a guarantee that your modules will definitively work at their rated speeds/latency, it is a high possibility that they will. Either way, of course the choice is yours, but I figured I'd let you know that there is an update coming that may help your situation.


          Anyways, have a nice day and I hope this helps.

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