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NO VSR in Crimson 17.5.1

Question asked by djasthma on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by ray_m

Hey Guys,


I am posting this thread as it has not been dealt with in the latest driver. I have asked the question and it was not answered (one of my issues were answered before my thread was locked).

Crimson 17.5.1 and forza horizon 3 (and other games)


My apologies if this is repetitive but I did search the forums and this is the closest to what I was asking:


virtual super resolution not working with Crimson 17.4.x


So to ask it again, now specifically on the note on VSR and the drivers 17.5.1, there is no vsr support in all applications other than the desktop. In the above thread, there was no replay at the time of typing this message, so I am not sure if AMD has seen the issue as I have reported it before and saw that the issue was not answered in other threads.


Could this be looked into as it is an ongoing problem with other drivers too, and is there any news on this?