What are windows services which may caused freezeing while amd installtion ?

Discussion created by bader96 on Apr 24, 2017
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hello guys!


*sorry for my english.


i have been sufrreing with a problem since a while, and i'm 100% it's a software problem not a hardware one.


the problem is that whlie installing amd new drivers "unless amd catayst 15.7" my screen is freezing!

again: amd catalyst 15.7 works good but i face this problem only with new drivers.


i did a lot to know why this is happening with me but i don't know what it is.


but all what i know is that i'm sure that theres maybe services makes the process of amd installtion failed,

because i remmber i disabled all the services and try to  install and it's installed without freezing but it was

very werid. becuase i install amd reliv 17.21 for my g510 notebook but it's gave me another program i don't know why.


help me and tell me if there's any windows services i should disable before installong amd driver please.