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Relive 17.4.3 won't install correctly on my R5 m330 + R5 APU + Win10 Creators Update

Question asked by shafiq.ramli on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by shafiq.ramli

I've previously updated my Windows 10 Anniversary to Creators Update. At the time I'm using the latest WHQL driver. If i'm not mistaken it's 17.2.*.


Now after the Relive 17.4.3 becomes available, I want to install on that laptop.


I've done the usual method of installing a new graphics driver which hasn't failed me most of the time before:

1. uninstall the driver from Windows Programs and Features

2. Restart

3. Install the latest driver


The first time I install it, it shows the current driver version and the local version. I chose the local (17.4.3).


After that it shows the installation progress bar and finished installing fast, unlike drivers from previous version that will take like 5 - 10 minutes to finish.


After the restart, I found that the brigthness is on max and I can't control it - a sign of unsuccessful driver installation. And when I right-click on the desktop to go to AMD control panel, an error pops up saying something like there's no Radeon hardware on this computer.


I've tried to fix the registry using CCleaner and uninstall and reinstall the driver but to no avail.


Now I've reverted back to the previous version - 17.2.*. How can I successfully install the latest driver?