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    Every directx9 game crashes computer (very curious)


      This February i got a new pc (fx8350-rx470-8gbram1866-650W) and started playing GTAV, The witcher and Overwatch, in overwatch i had a crashing problem that i solved by turning on power efficiency in radeon settings. Ok, now with the power efficiency turned on i cant use Vsync because my fps goes to 35 oscillating and not 60, without vsync it goes further than 100, but i can solve this by turning off power efficiency, MY BIG PROBLEM is that i played the AAA games that i mentioned for hours and hours without problems, but when i try to play league of legends and Paladins (both directx9) my computer crash, the game stops, screen goes black, and maybe the game returns before crashing again in 5 seconds.

      What i observed: if i turn on vsync the crashes are less constantly

      Maybe its not about the directx9 but the FPS, because directx9 games normally runs at 150+ fps on my pc and the GTAV by example runs at 50-60, so i thought it could be a processor problem on reporting all this FPS to the gpu, im not a expert, could someone help me?


      i tried:

      reinstalling amd drivers

      every amd wattman settings possible