Monitor/Log GPU (RX470) performance/behaviour

Discussion created by achossa on Apr 16, 2017
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Hi folks, a bit of help please

I'm experiencing problems since the windows 10 creators update. It doesn't play well with the latest AMD drivers 17.4.2.

Direct 3D is disabled, and reverting to older (17.3.3) sort of fixes the issue, save for Mass Effect Andromeda which kills my PC on launch.

And I really want to play ME:A now.


I have detailed my issues here and on another posters thread here.


My question is: can you tell me of a way to monitor and log the performance of the GPU during one of these ME:A launch attempts.

How much memory and processor power it's using and more importantly, how much power it's consuming. Whether there is spike or a dump in memory, or a sudden power surge.

Anything that could lead to the cause and solution to this problem.

Thank you.


A crashing software is an everyday issue with PCs, but the game actually shutting down my PC without any prompt or warning really doesn't sit well.

Whatever output it's producing, it's clearly signaling to the PC that it needs to shut down immediately and that just isn't right.