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[FIXED] Relive Replay/Record Audio out of sync!

Question asked by dam20 on Apr 8, 2017

So, i'm encountering audio problems with relive, but only with some games.

I've tried to record/replay some arma 3 fotages with 44.1khz and the audio was f****d up, then changed it to 192hz and worked.

With Mass Effect 1, CS:GO, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension and War Thunder worked too!

Now i have a problem with Mass Effect 2/3 audio, and i don't really know what to do...

In Mass Effect 2 48hz worked fine but with Mass Effct 3 it's just a random mess, some videos are in sync and others no...

Any suggestion?



AMD Relive Audio Sync FIX (UPDATED)