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AMD Radeon Setting missing after install an update

Question asked by projectcandy on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by projectcandy

hey guys, just now i got an notification that radeon has downloaded and it need to restart to install. after restart, there is a pop up , current driver,recommend driver and optimal driver. i choose recommend driver. and it begin to install , during the progress . some error appear . i think it was saying about renaming or moving the program and it cant b detected . i ignored because i dont know about AMD . i just bought new computer . im usually using nvidia . after the installer done . i restart . after that i notice on my notification list bottom right the AMD radeon setting is gone. i search the apps on the search list its there ! but when i click it say shortcut(apps might be deleted or remove , you want to delete this shortcut?) . please help . for the moment i can still launch and play game like League of Legends . but im afraid something bad might gona happen when the amd radeon setting is gone, please guys , im new to AMD