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    RX480 - Fan crazy at 2560x1440(VSR)


      Hi, guys!

      I'm having a bug when I use 2560x1440 (virtual super resolution) and 17.3.3 driver in games. The fan is completely unstable and does not conform to Wattman settings.
      For example: I set the fan on Wattman to reach maximum 2700rpm and maintain the temperature between 75º and 85ºC. When I am playing at the resolution stated above, the fan is getting stuck at 2800 ~ 2900rpm and the temperature is around 50ºC, meaning the fan is being used to the maximum without any need. I need to restart the computer for the fan to return to normal.
      At resolution 1920x1080 this does not happen and the fan obeys the configuration of Wattman. I reinstalled the drivers (clean installation) and it did not work. There seems to be some bug in the drivers when using the 2560x1440 (maybe because the virtual super resolution??).


      Any help would be appreciated.

      My Settings:
      i7 3770k
      12Gb RAM
      Sapphire Nitro + RX480 8Gb and 17.3.3 drivers
      Windows 10 build 14393.953 (64bit)

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          I would try a new Wattman setting....and leave the fans set at default.

          Set all your ReLive settings back to default, using the box on the control panel home screen.

          In Overdrive, set your Power Limit to +50 and your MAX temp to 80c manual. Fans are left at the default 'automatic' setting. (Leave the MIN temp at default (45c) if you have this setting.) Don't forget to click 'apply' at the top of the page.

          That's all you change in Overdrive. Play a game and run Hardware monitor in the background. On my computer, under heavy load, at 2560x1600 (VSR) my temperature never exceeds 79c and the max fan speed  63-65%.

          Also, I have seen this happen if a person alt/tabs out of the game and starts a 2D application....but that's another story.


          Screenshot_2 (7).png



          Screenshot_2 (6).png

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              Thank you for the answer, kingfish.

              If I set the fans to automatic, the Wattman automatically changes my target temperature to 75ºC (probably a default profile inside the Wattman). So, to reduce the target temperature, I need setup the fans to manual. I was upset because apparently Wattman does not obey the manual configuration using VSR at 2560x1440. I will do some tests with different power limit values.

              I'm using a overclock at GPU (1400MHz) and memory (2150MHz) with stock voltage. Actually, I use the power limit only at 20% because, thanks to God, I have a golden GPU .

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                  The fans should already be set at automatic. Overclocking and leaving your Power Limit at anything but +50 is spinning your wheels as the card will throttle when the power draw goes up. To turn that feature off...you set the Power Limit to +50

                  Please read > AMD graphics performance

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                      Thank you again and nice article!


                      I made some changes and now the GPU is respecting the maximum fan rotation limit, but it is not respecting the target temperature and not decreasing the fan rotation. I left the maximum rotation at 2500rpm and the temperature at 70ºC. After the fan has reached maximum rotation to adjust the temperature, the fan has not slowed down (it is stuck at maximum speed) even after the temperature has dropped and is around 60 ° C...

                      Let me ask you something: i
                      f you increase the power limit, the temperature also increases?

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                          If you cancel the power throttling, the temperature will rise under full/heavy load. On the other hand, the card is now performing as it was intended. It's the same as using high settings in your game menu...the higher you set them, the higher the load and temperature on/of the card.

                          Can you post a screenshot of your Wattman settings...like the one I posted above?

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                              This is my Wattman settings:

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                                  I guess I'm not getting the point. You are having issues controlling the fans and temp.,,is that correct? I offered a possible solution. I would suggest again that you set everything back to default. Try the settings I recommend. Don't change clocks, fan speed, and do not use Acoustic Limit. Set the temperature at manual..MAX temp 80c....Target temp 45c. Leave the fan speed controll at automatic. Put the power limit to +50. Yours should look exactly like mine. Then play a game with Hardware monitor running in the background.

                                  This is after a couple of hours of BF1 with the same settings. Notice the highest temp 79c and fan speeds 54%

                                  Screenshot_18 (2).png

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                                      Sorry you're really not getting the point...this discussion is about RX 480 issues...not about a R9 200 series like in your hardware monitor.

                                      Besides, I'm facing the same fan problems...GPU is about 50 °C and the fans are running at high speed until the temp is down to 40 °C.

                                      Crimson is latest version..everything on default! No overclocking or undervolting.


                                      My card:

                                      MSI RX 480 Gaming 8GB

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                                          It really doesn't matter which card it is (unless it's a R390 series) as long as it has the Wattman option to automatically control the fan speeds. I have seen the same issue since it was introduced with the 6950 series drivers. Part of the fault lies with AMD's naming policy. Since there is no description of what some of these settings are for, and the penalty/cost/effect of using them...people are left with "Oh..that sounds good! I want that". Perfect example is "Target Temperature" and "Surface Format Optimization". You think "Target Temperature" means the temp you want the card to operate at. It doesn't. It means the opposite. This is the lowest temperature. That's why there is a "Max" temperature setting. As my card is set, the fans start getting involved at 45c (which is the default level) and will keep the card temperature between 45c (the lowest) and 80c (the highest/max). It does not work like third party apps where at a certain temperature (of your choosing) the fans will jump to a certain rpm. It gradually increases / decreases rpm as the temps rise/lower...and my example (on a much hotter running card) shows that. In the BF1 example, the fans only had to increase to a maximum of 54% (3300 rpm) to keep within that range. DOOM, on the other hand will see a max fan speed of 67% to keep those temps.

                                          The older control panel shows it more clearly...the minimum is set and unchangeable 45c.

                                          Screenshot_1 (8).png

                                          The AMD controller works great if it's set correctly.

                                          My advice has always been to get your card at it's designed performance level before you start changing things/settings. Overclocking does no good using Wattman if your card is going to throttle itself automatically when the power draw increases....preventing it from performing at its optimal rated/design. Instead of raising the Power Limit to its maximum (which disables the throttle) some people start overclocking.

                                          In any event, my suggestion is to change your settings if you are having the issues the OP has. (return Wattman to its default settings first) That is the issue I responded to. If it resolves the issue...great. If not...no harm done and return to your old settings.

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                            To maintain the target temperature (70 ° C), the fan reaches full rotation and even after lowering the temperature to 50 ° or 60 ° C, the fan is "stuck in maximum rotation" (that is the problem). After lowering the temperature, the fan should lower the rotation, but this does not happen. The fan continues at maximum speed.

                            But, as I explained in the first post, this only happens when I use VSR (2560x1440).