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    4 monitors was working fine, now only 3 do after a driver update


      I have a older machine but quite good in the day I built 4 years ago. the video card is a amd Radeon R9 200 /HD 7900. I ran a driver update and since them my 4 monitors won't work. Only 3 will work. I've had my 4 27 inch asus monitors working perfectly fine for 4-5 years. I've tried rolling back the drivers. I've tried completely uninstalling. I've tried fiddling with all settings. I upgraded to windows 10. I have allowed windows to install the driver. i've tried installing passed drivers. I'm afraid that maybe a firmware update has caused this problem? If I disable a different display I can get the one not working setup. Meaning I can get any of the 3 monitors working. Just never a 4th one.  Custom built machine 32gb of RAM, 2nd gen i7 chip, 1000 Watt power supply, 250SSD hard drive