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    another 3 monitor issue with windows 10


      Hi.  I do not know if their is a solution as I have not found it on the other thread.  I have a AMD Firepro V5900 DVI.  with 2-display port and 1-DVI.  My 3 screens are all Dell P2411H.  2 of the monitor are from DVI to display port with adapters.  They are the 2 that connects as monitor #1 and #2 automatically.  The third one is connected from DVI to DVI.  I can go in Window 10's display option and select any 2 of the 3 but not all 3 together.


      When I go in the Display setting and select the dropdown menus all monitors are labeled but if I choose the third one and select in multiple displays: Extend desktop to this display....it says the display settings could not be saved. please try deferent settings.


      I did download the latest driver from AMD which was dated around February 15, 2017......


      is there any solution?

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          Probably you have passive DP to DVI adapters. You need at least one active DP to DVI adapter.

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              So I went back to the store and replaced a passive DP to DVI adapter to a Active DP to DVI (that thing is expensive BTW)  the tech at the store confirmed this should solve the issue.  Came back home and installed it.  Now the monitor with the active adapter is does not come up connected in windows 10  it doesn't even appear on the list as with the passive one it did.  the Monitor with the passive adapter and the direct DVI connection are on.  To make things worst I did an update on windows 10 and now the option menu in Display does not have the dropdown menu anymore to see monitor connectivity......


              one odd thing to mention.  When the Windows 10 update was happening (when  you see the blue screen with the percentage of the update).  the monitor with direct DVI connection turns off and the one with the active adapter is on. this is the only time I saw it on.



              Update:  I got it working!!!  I forgot to mentioned  2 of my DVI cables are Single link DVI-D and one of them is DVI-D DUAL link.   The Third screen ONLY works when I use the PASSIVE adapter with the DUAL cable.  Any other way I use the dual link cable does not work.