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crimson relive 17.2.1 - Error message about digital signature.

Question asked by crozzy on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by vonchen


Computer Type: self build pc.

GPU: Radeon RX 470 4GB

CPU: i5-6500 Causes*

Motherboard: Asus H110M-K

Operating Windows 10 Pro Edition

GPU Drivers: Crimson 16.1 (updated to the newest Crimson re-live 17.2.1)

Monitor: Asus VC239H 23inch

Background Applications: Chrome

Description of Problem: So when I update crimson reLive to 17.2.1 it all installs correctly but when I try to open up my radeon setting its give me an error message along the lines of. "No digital signature could be found". When I then go into my device manager and look at my GPU is has a yellow triangle with an ! in the middle.

Troubleshooting: I am literally stuck, I have googled this and I have tried taking all the drivers off my PC and reinstalling them. I have tried installing them through manually downloading directly off the AMD website and through windows update. I was given a method of booting into the BIOS and turning off some settings but I don't partially want to do that as the download is coming straight from AMD so shouldn't need to. Whats the next step?