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New build: Installing 2 FirePro w4100. What sequence?

Question asked by calculus99 on Jan 30, 2016
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I'm about to start a new build and will be installing 2 Firepro w4100 to run 6 AOC 34"  widescreen monitors.


Any advice on how I should install the cards and then hook up the monitors?


For example, should I build the machine first without installing either one of the graphics cards to bed the system down. Then when that's fine install the 2 video cards? Or install just one to get that working and then install the other?


And what about the monitors? Assuming both cards are installed should I then shut down, plug in all 6 monitors (4 in one card, 2 in the other, 3 in each etc?) and boot up the machine?


THis is my first build, I'm confident about pretty much everything apart from installing the graphics cards so am asking for some advice. Thanks!