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    XFX RX 480 Black (1388 Mhz) artifacts



      I have received my brand new xfx RX 480 (gtr black OC 1388Mhz).


      My system is the following.


      CPU: i7 920 overclocked @ 3.6

      GPU: nvidia gtx 295, gtx 610, rx 480

      Motherboard: EX58-Extreme

      RAM: 12gb DDR3 triple channel

      Monitor: 1900 x 1200

      PSU: 1200W THERMALTAKE Toughpower

      OS: Windows 10 - 64 (I also run Linux but it is irrelevant for this thread)


      This is the first AMD gpu for me. So, as soon as I received it, I removed my old GPU and plugged in the RX 480. The system booted normally. I logged in and everything seemed OK apart from the fact that my system was running on lower analysis (which was anticipated). I downloaded the latest drivers, 17.2.1 and installed them.


      As soon as the installation of the drivers completed (and before prompted to restart my system), my screen breaks, blinks, black screens, snow, aritfacts etc. I cannot even see where the mouse cursor is. The desktop appears only 1 second and then for the next 10 seconds my screen is a mess. The only thing I can do afterwards is hard reset and plug in another card. If I did't have an older gpu my system would be useless. Both my nvidia cards work just fine so no hardware problem (e.g. mobo, PSU etc)


      Mobo has the latest stable BIOS (F12)


      - Tried a number of drivers, the ones provided with the CD, from the website etc.

      - Uninstalled all drivers (nvidia, amd) using DDU and then fresh install in safe mode.

      - Amazon sent me a second card. The same issues.


      My system has both Linux and Windows. I use Linux for development etc. and Windows for games. Even when I am prompted from GRUB to select OS, I see a few blue lines. If I load Linux the same. Artifacts on screen.


      Totally dead end. Is AMD drivers so bad for my system? Is it the specific XFX model? Is it the RX 480 series? Don't know what to do. Buy an RX 480 from Sapphire for example or move back to Nvidia (eg gtx 1060)? I was so optimistic to move to AMD's 480 but my experience so far is really terrible.


      If that helps, I have raised an issue here as well: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3333020/faulty-gpu-xfx-480-black-1388-mhz.html#19305282







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          1.1388 MHz is quite a strong overclock for RX 480 GPU. I suggest you to try 1266 MHz. Probably you need 16.11.5 driver to be able to downclock your GPU.

          2.RX cards don't like old motherboards.Maybe your GPU will not work with your motherboard correctly even on lower frequency.

          3.Try to update your BIOS to the latest beta vesion

          4.You must clean your PC from NVidia driver remains (DDU)

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              Thank you for your help.


              1. I paid a premium for this card so I would rather not follow this path.

              2. Sound bad.

              3. Updated to the latest one: F13s Still the same problems. Also lost my overclocking setup...

              4. Whenever I installed the drivers, I had previously uninstalled  both AMD and nvidia drivers using DDU in safe mode.


              The weird thing is that I managed to successfully install 16.12.2 today and had a couple of successful boots. But then back to the same. Without doing any changes to my system, after restarting my PC the artifacts appeared again. Makes no sense to me... Initially works and then after a couple of reboots back to the same problems.


              Thank you very much for your time.