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    Interlaced H264 DXVA decoding on RX 480




      It seems that DXVA decoding of interlaced H264 content on RX 480 is broken, I get this result :



      Here is the sample used : http://carte.fh.free.fr/meteo.ts

      The results are identical wether I use any of these players :

      - MPC-HC x64 (internal LAV, DXVA2 native

      - MPC-HC x64 (internal LAV, DXVA2 copy-back

      - VLC 2.2.4, DXVA2 hardware acceleration


      Progressive content is playing fine as far as I can tell.


      My config:

      Windows 7 64 bits

      AMD Radeon RX 480, 16.7.1 driver

      Intel core I7 4960X, 24GB RAM