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Dual monitor, massive fps drop

Question asked by cam_toews3 on Jan 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2017 by kingfish

Intel i3-6100, 16 gb ddr4 @2133mhz, msi r9 380 4g, msi z170 a pro mobo


I recently picked up a second monitor to match my current acer p221w, its older but i got a good deal on the second one. I'm having an issue with large fps drops when running games. With just one monitor connected i can run gta v, witcher 3, rise of the tomb raider, all at relatively high settings around 60 fps. As soon as my other monitor is connected the fps drop well below 20.


I am only trying to game on the one monitor, but i like having both setup for productivity.


I came up with a temporary solution, which was to turn on my igd, and connect the second monitor to the motherboard, but i really was hoping to avoid putting any more load on my processor because this video card should have no trouble running a second monitor.


Note: both monitors are connected via dvi


Any thoughts?