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RX 480 Driver Issue with Asus monitor  (VG278HR) while using dual setup?

Question asked by dmswmm on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by redfury

So I just bought a new RX 480 Strix (8gb).

I have 2 monitors. A newer 144hz 24" and an older 120hz 27". The 24" is plugged  in via Display, and the 27" is using DVI.  But whenever i turn on my PC 90% of the time my 27" boots into a completely fuzzy/static screen that is unusable. About 7% of the time I'll restart my PC and it'll be fuzzy, but opaque enough to use. and sometimes it'll be normal. If I uninstall the RX 480 driver through system properties (it instantly uninstalls from there.) My 27" instantly goes back to normal. I've uninstalled 3 different versions of drivers with DDU, and each time it comes back after reinstalling. If there is indeed no fix for this, and it is a driver issue, I'd at least like this issue to get out. The 27" is a VG278HR, the 24" is VG248QE.


Also, whenever i seem to fix the problem, the instant  i restart my PC it comes back.