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Can't you release drivers that actually work and not have so many issues.

Question asked by sinster on Dec 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2017 by gwenwolf

There hasn't been a set of drivers that I haven't had issue with since you left Catalyst and went to Crimson. Now the Relive (16.12.2) are huge pile of steaming (fill in blank). The Crimson were suppose to be the greatest things since slice bread. They are were riddled with issue as well.  Then Relive are released and suppose to be an improvement.  Key word suppose to be.   16.12.1 did the same thing.  Crimson didn't do this, but I have crossfire issues.  Now in Relive I have crossfire issues and now these stupid horizontal noise lines. Happens in Titanfall2 as well.

Another AMD Driver failure - YouTube


I get it there will be issue on new video drivers, but I shouldn't get them on all of them.  This tells me that you're not working on the right stuff.  I submitted tickets on these issue, but yet they still exist.  I will when asked for suggestion about GPU.  I will not recommend AMD as I have done in the past.



Recording doesn't work at all.. nothing....



My system specs

MSI Gaming 7

Intel 4790k

2x MSI 390x

G. Skill RipJaw 16GB