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    WattMan Game profile and WattMan Global Profile Problem


      So far in each iteration of the new Crimson Relive drivers I have found a problem when I set up a game profile. To be specific I set an overclock for my Black Ops 3 profile. I left the global settings alone so they are running at the default settings. I have found that after playing Black Ops 3 and then shutting the game down, if I go into the WattMan settings of the global profile it shows the same overclock settings as my Black Ops 3 profile. All I can do is reset the Global WattMan profile. The strange thing is that it doesn't always do this after each gaming session. I play Black ops 3 off in on through out the night so the game is started and shut down 4-5 times a night. I always have to reset the Global WattMan at least once a night.


      Sometimes at the end of the night I will shut down the computer after playing the game. Next day when restarting I find I get strange lines waving through my screen. I open the global WattMan and see it is set with an overclock again. I reset WattMan and the screen corruption stops.


      Other times I will start Black Ops 3 and find I can't get past around 22 frames per second. I close the game down and check Global WattMan. Sure enough it is showing the overclock. I reset it and restart the game and everything is fine as I can now get 144+ frames per second.


      I have contacted support about this but there was no change in the last update.


      Why are my game profile settings migrating over to my global settings??


      If it helps here are some of my specs: Desktop, Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard, Sapphire 11244-01-20G Radeon NITRO R9 390 8GB, Amd FX-8350 cpu @ stock speed, 8 gigs ram, Samsung 850 Pro SSD, XFX 750 watt power supply, Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Asus vg248qe @ 1920x1080p Displayport, Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 @ 1920x1080p HDMI, Radeon 17.1.1


      Also, I always use DDU to uninstall the previous AMD drivers before installing the new drivers.

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          Today I started my computer and found I was again having what appeared to be some sort of screen corruption. It is hard to describe the corruption. I've had graphics cards go bad in the past causing screen corruption but this is different. I can only describe this screen corruption as waves or ripple distortions. All I could really do is upload a video taken with a cell phone if it is allowed in this forum. If it is possible, please someone let me know as it would be the best way for you to see what I am describing.


          Anyway, usually when this happens I will find the global wattman profile mimicking my black ops 3 profile. As I mentioned in my last post I can usually fix the issue by resetting the global wattman profile. This time however the settings looked like they were set to the default settings as they should be in the global profile. So this time I went into my black ops 3 wattman profile and reset it so that the game profile no longer has an overclock. After resetting and clicking "apply" to save the changes the screen corruption immediately stopped.


          I do not understand how resetting the game profile would fix the issue. I haven't loaded the game since yesterday. Something is very wrong with the Crimson profiles but I have no idea what it could be. I am also very surprised no one else is having the same issue.


          I also want to note that I normally have a very stable system. I never had these issues until I started using the Crimson Relive drivers.


          Also if it helps, I use the display port to connect to my monitor which is an Asus vg248qe. I also have a second monitor attatched through HDMI port. The second monitor usually stays off unless needed for multitasking. If I think of it I will turn it on the next time I am getting screen corruption on the ASUS. It will be interesting to see if the screen corruption is happening at the same time on the second monitor. O'yeah, the second monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster XL2370.


          I would really like to hear from someone from AMD and work with them to figure out what is going on. If needed I can provide screenshots showing my settings and pics of the Global settings when they are in the default state and pics showing how the global wattman profile changes on its own. I can also provide cell phone video of the screen corruption once it happens again.

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              Update, Just went to play black ops 3 and again found I could only get 27 frames per second. This is happening with all AMD Crimson settings at default.


              Exited out of the game and rechecked the Crimson settings. Found all settings still set to default. Attempted to re-set my overclock for black ops 3. Was able to set GPU frequency overclock but can no-longer set a memory overclock. I can not manually type in the overlock setting and the memory frequency slider no longer works.


              As you can see in the above pic I reset the profile again but still can no longer adjust the memory frequency slider.


              Also, I tried restarting the computer. After the restart I was again get some slight screen corruption. I turned on the second monitor and found the corruption is happening at the same time on both monitors.


              I went into the crimson settings, reset both global and game setting profiles and the screen corruption stopped on both monitors. Even after the restart I still can no longer adjust the memory frequency slider.

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              I tried to play Black Ops 3 with all AMD profile settings at default. I could not get the game to go over 27 frames per second. I Shut down the game and restarted the game again several times. No matter how many times I tried I couldn't get it past 27 frames per second. Decided to restart the computer.


              Ok, after restart I attempted to see if I could control the memory frequency once restarted. No JoY, plus the screen corruption seems worse even on desktop. I also noticed just moving my mouse around seemed to make it worse. This is happening on both monitors and the ripples seem to span both monitors.This is happening with all AMD settings on default.


              I restarted the computer several more times, all with the same results as above. I decided to uninstall the graphics driver. I used the latest DDU to uninstall the driver in safe mode. After the uninstall and a restart I had no more screen corruption. I went through all my files and deleted anything AMD and ATI. I also used regedit to delete anything AMD and ATI. After, I restarted the computer again, still everything is fine.


              I then reinstalled the latest AMD graphics driver. The install finished with no issue so I did a restart, then went in and set up my game profile overclock for Black Op's 3. After the reinstall I now have control back for setting the memory frequency. Again, I left the global settings alone.


              I loaded Black Op's 3 and found no issues. Frames per second were normal at 100-155 frames per second. Once done playing I shut the game down and rechecked the AMD Global settings and this is what I found (see images):


              As you can see the Global wattman now shows an overclock that I did not set here. I only set it for my Black OP's 3 profile. Also notice the Memory Frequency is stuck at 1600mhz.


              Here is a pic of my Black Op's 3 Profile:



              And here is a pic of my global settings after doing a global wattman reset:


              This pic is after a reset but is also the default settings before loading Black OP's 3. Notice the drop off in the histogram? The drop off was after performing the reset. Obviously something is wrong here.


              At the moment I am not getting screen corruption but I am willing to bet all it would take is a computer restart for the problem to return. I wanted to get this post first though so I am waiting on the restart.


              AMD - some help here sure would be nice!

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                So my current system is completely AMD based and I have always run AMD. I'm finding it very discouraging that now that I am having a problem I can not get any help here even after posting in detail of the issue I am seeing and posting screen shots proving the issue.


                So tell me, how exactly do I get help from AMD?


                Perhaps it is just time to sell this rig and switch to an Intel based system utilizing NVidia graphics?

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                  Kingfish, thanks for the link but I reported the issue using that form before ever even posting here in the forums. I completely filled out the form by describing the issue in detail and gave all information asked about my system. I never received an email or anything from AMD acknowledging that I filled out the form.


                  There has been 3 updates to the software/driver since then and the same exact problems I described persist.


                  So a couple of questions for you:

                  1. Should I have heard from someone at AMD after filling out the form?

                  2. Since I can not get help on the forum and have not heard back from AMD, what do I do now?

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                      1. No. Don't expect a acknowledgement for issue reports. The idea is....to see if there is more than one complaint (issue report) before spending any resources. They wouldn't get excited if there were one or two reports of the same issue....but when the reports start multiplying.. that would get their attention.  The report form itself is a good example..the majority of reports might be coming from people with Intel processors or... a certain series APU. Win7 users having problems, but not Win10 users, etc. Can you imagine trying to reproduce every 'report' that is sent in? The fact of the matter is, most issues are user caused (for whatever reason) and are eventually solved...plus,the largest percent of people actually having a legitimate issue, never bother to report it. IMO.

                      2. Yes. Contact AMD driver support by using the 'Online Service Request > Email Form