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VSync no longer works with 16.12.1 -> Where to get 16.11 AMD Settings?

Question asked by raykoopa on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by raykoopa

I have an R9 390 and run Windows 10 x64 1607.


Since updating to 16.12.1 (previously using a 16.11 release), VSync no longer works in a game (Guild Wars 2) when running it in windowed mode. The game itself did not change technically.


Whatever I set in AMD Settings, forcing VSync or letting it control by the game (and forcing it in the game's options), it has no effect; my refresh rate is 60 Hz, but the game renders up to 100 frames at times. With 16.11, it was a steady 60 FPS, and the movement of the game camera was noticably smooth, now it's just glitchy.

When running the game in fullscreen, VSync works as it should and at 60 FPS.


I heard that in 16.12, several optimizations were done together with FreeSync in windowed mode, but I'm not using FreeSync (my monitor would support it, but the game does not, so I always had it set to Off in the AMD Settings). I'd be surprised if this somehow butchered VSync support though.


Can I somewhere download 16.11 together with the 16.11 AMD Settings application to check against this issue? I only found the raw 16.11 driver, but not the 16.11 AMD Settings application together with it on this AMD page: Detail

I also can't seem to use 16.12 settings application together with an 16.11 driver as it uninstalls 16.12 Settings together with the driver (they seem coupled).


Thanks for your help in advance.