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Will Ryzen processor enters into entry level market?

Question asked by janagewen on Dec 19, 2016
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One question, frankly, will Ryzen processor enters into entry level market? Or in other words, is it cheap enough for most people all over the world to purchase, such as Intel Celeron processors? In my own opinion, the AMD APU is not that positive for most purchasers, especially for their comparative poor performance and high price. People who stick to AM2/3 processors once, when Bulldozer based APU released, they try to use Intel products instead, even taking the Celeron or Pentium based processors. So Ryzen might be the key product for AMD to gain their loss back, so the most important thing in my own opinion, Ryzen should first focus on the entry level market, to satisfy those purchasers. That would help AMD to regain the honour. Too high price, too high configuration, too high comparatively performance might not be the wise, especially for AMD, not for Intel.


No matter how wonderful Ryzen processor would be, but at least they are just the chip, and lately and newly chip. This thing does not need to be the winner competing against Intel processors, but first important thing is that it would make more and more purchasers to accept it, even include Apple. Enterprise market, I would never think who would buy such new processors to build up their volume data house, because comparing against performance first, those purchasers would first consider one thing, stable and feasible! They fear to use the newly thing on their data house, because they concern even more! But for entry level market, this newly processor would bring the potential purchasers more and more room to evaluate, evaluate their future plans for the next decade computing needs. If the cheapest of Ryzen processor is too high, that would pour the cool water to this market, especially Intel released their new products every year, but not every three year. It is not worried to release those processors in time, but it is mostly worried to release those processors in price and correct market. Too high price would make this new processor hard to survive on today's crucial world, especially for AMD!