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Crimson 16.2.1: No ReLive option

Question asked by vorkot3 on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by ray_m

As the title mentiones, I have a problem installing every feature of this driver. I am missing: ReLive, and I also do not seem to have Wattman and Radeion Chill (or what it is called).


I Re-installed 6 times: Un-installed everything with the AMD Uninstall Utility, used both the minimal-setup and the Radeon Software as installation platform, used both Express-install and manual (Weirdly enough the Manual installation does neither show any option of those components on both setups) and it still wont set-up properly.


Windows 10 64x
CPU: AMD A8-9600
GPU: AMD Radeon R5, AMD Radeon R7 M340 (crossfire)
8 Gb ram.


Any solutions to this?