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I swear AMD.Your advertisement is not existant

Question asked by warsun on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by warsun

You have the new thing coming out.Which i knew nothing about unless i logged in to check my mail.I Swear.ADVERTISE ON TV! Just put up some commercials on cartoon network an ill know whats going on.Advertise on The last week of the month when i get paid so i know what to buy with my money.Talk about how you are putting out performance more than your competition.If it where me id have it plastered all over my BoxArt! This Crimson ReLive Edition should be known.But its like only if you are subbed is the only way you will know.That's bad advertisement.


You need to show what stores your product is being sold.I demand this! Why? Because when i go into a store like Best Buy.(SA TX) I find them hiding your product under shelves.You pay these people to sell your product but for years.No a decade i have seen them do this to your product.You know how to fix this? MAKE A DEMAND! Make a demand for your product.The only reason you made any decent money this year was due to advertising in some places.E3 Time spot was good.Would have been better if you came after Bethesda or even worked with them.NOT MICROSOFT an got better productions ready



But with a high demand for your product.When people go into a store looking for your product.They don't have to duck under a counter to find your product.Because even if they hide the product if a demand is there.People will come in to bother the clerks for your product.They cant keep hiding it.They will have to put it on the show room floor.Because its selling.So even if some employees are fanboys of other companies Nvidia Gameworks or Intel.


They still have to put the product on the shelves.Make sure in your advertisement.They know what stores they are available and in stock if the customers call you an ask for the product.You can tell them yes they should have it..Whats the store.Then with that.You have on record stores trying to not sell your product.An correct the matter.I don't know how.With fines or with a pay reduction or what not.Maybe a renegotiation of the contract with them.Or even penalties from the federal government.I dont think the BBB needs to be involved in this.Just saying.